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GPS to a soul

Im drawn to it
Passion, emotional feelings
You feel a pull towards one another
It’s a curse filled blessing
Even though I hate saying that.

Do you change your life for it?
The world will divide
Half saying absolutely
The other pointing at frivolity
Putting me in the middle.

You spoke about approval
Comically, it struck a chord
Overwhelmed with music
I hadn’t been for so long yet
I remember it like a song.

Funny again, because you recall them all!

Both going through hell
There’s a bond evolving
I won’t fight it but
I am aware the dangers
And it can hurt like fire

Beauty is mixed in
Unequivocal levels of it
Paintings and literature live there
A mess of color, sight, and sound
It’s where I thrive

It could explain the difference
You probably understand
Where we come from
It would make sense
That we both see and feel it

It’s not funny anymore, is it?

Willing for anything in love
Or passionate exchanges
To me, that is life. A moment
Which is where I’ve always lived
And why I always burn

Brightest most of the time
But the night creeps in
And yes, it can sting
But I don’t dare fight it
Until it’s no longer welcome.

Another cursed prayer
Even though I haven’t partook
For many years now.
This transition might change
My mind back again.

My flow is broken, which is always a sign…

I know where you are
And I come on strongly (you think?)
It’s something I love to hate
But mostly hate to love
It’s the fucking universe.

Here’s your turn… and I don’t want to miss it. Not even a little…

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