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Just beat it

I could fall for you in a heartbeat,
But you have to say it.

The words we all trip over that
Give us so much
And can take it away in a second.
Staying or going won’t keep it away,
But avoiding it all…
Is that our story so far?

Laughing so much over a small period
Of time, doesn’t make it wrong.
Stupid? Maybe, but that’s what it is.
At least the best of them; the painful ones
And the ones you can’t forget.
Why would we want to?

The passion that creates tattoos
Is the same passion which creates
Life. Dangerously terrifyingly beautiful,
We jump in like a bottomless cup
Overflowing with what we can’t say.
Is it only stubborn?

Sure. Crazy? Absolutely.
I’m not sure we can win.
It’s a confusing mess of amazing and
Scary faced understandings…
And I love it.
Do you still want to win?

I think it’s a draw.

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