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A pattern

I wake early to catch the sunrise, I dream early to wake with you. Leaving here was never simple, Especially now, leaving you. You brought me back a world, A world once again renewed. Lives filled with passion, Passion I can remember. Running on empty but pushing on, Pushing through stories of emptiness. Creating this [...]

Just beat it

I could fall for you in a heartbeat, But you have to say it. The words we all trip over that Give us so much And can take it away in a second. Staying or going won't keep it away, But avoiding it all... Is that our story so far? Laughing so much over a [...]

GPS to a soul

Im drawn to it Passion, emotional feelings You feel a pull towards one another It's a curse filled blessing Even though I hate saying that. Do you change your life for it? The world will divide Half saying absolutely The other pointing at frivolity Putting me in the middle. You spoke about approval Comically, it [...]


We don't owe anything to anyone. Those whom demand an explanation were not paying attention. Think about it... it may seem arrogant at first glance or sound, but if you really feel it and run it through your mind, it's right. We force these constructs to feel comfort or to put someone and something at [...]

34 Percent

I look back now to a time when we didn't have a device which could post our thoughts with so little charge. It's almost too easy now yet I still don't flow enough. Hours of screens but I still hide inside my mind long enough to create, disappear, and imagine. Lo-fi is tonight's flavor to [...]


It starts as a dull burn. You don’t truly notice until, you are alone with your mind. The world flips over and the ground seems unreachable. “Somehow I can get through this,” Fleeting thoughts indeed.

Paper guitars

Apparently, I have evolved. Every so often the emotions hit you with bricks of feeling. You can't really stop it, only hold it back slightly. When I was young, around fifteen, I found writing. I look back now and again to remember. At the time I didn't understand how emotions shape us. At the time... [...]


I like to step outside of myself for understanding, so I tried to imagine what it is like to never have sight and write about it in today's world. You could say to me, "Eat the shiny red apple." I know what an apple is, because I have eaten one. I know the taste, the [...]