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It’s that moment. We all know it. The insanity, The nervous feelings, the sweat… It’s always a moment that we can’t forget. A first time that lasts. Starting with a kiss Or a walk to chat with an old friend… We don’t want to face the ending. Partly fear and partly the desire to want […]

Inaccurate Clocks

With a hand on the glass feeling cold, Staring out into darkness hoping, that Someone on the outside is looking back. Time passes. Contemplating a dangerous, but wonderful theme Trying to justify that it was right… The window offers no answers. A passage into the present, past, or future The silence is overwhelming. Minds spinning […]

Thirty four

She stood against the window silhouetted her form in tact. Many years had gone by but were kind to her. She was a beauty and the story continued as such, Soft skinned and raven haired she stood in wait. A touch from a seemingly rough hand would soon Pass over her to begin a dance […]


I wrote this in 1999 for a class and It became one of my favorites. The Tense Walk of Ice You stare with your glare perfect beauty With a somber threatening eye you watch Many will fall and only the most graceful shall pass While the clumsy and over confident hit their bones On your […]


You learn the hard way. We learn the wrong way. Every lesson is in front of your face but you can’t see it until it’s passed. Shit happens. Life happens. We grow or fail at the moments we least expect it. The problems being made neon against a troubled sky. We don’t write anymore. We […]

The why

A much younger and wiser friend / mentor of mine said on her blog Joy : Defined: The final part of every job is the most difficult to explain because it assigns purpose to work. WHY we do the work we do is THE motivating force for people in their jobs.It made me think about […]

Take a breath.

We all need to stop. Stimulation is everywhere we are and always on our mind. The world is becoming a cluttered social environment with a career shoved in the middle for those that can afford it. We need to stop and breathe. There was a cheesy movie with Eddie Murphy called ‘Holy Man.’ It was […]