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Be hindered

A place I never want to see you The corner of my rearview Pushing past chaos Pulling out of such a lost Palace of meaning Just to see you gleaming One day without your type Feels like a flailing pipe Dream that never ends Much of my happiness depends On your reaction Peeling away the […]


I spent the night alone Trying to find a way to See you again Some worlds left to Separate devices can Get volatile Our time is precious Togetherness with Connection A beauty we created Passionate and filled with excitement In some way I wish I could send you flowers In another I wish that I […]


What does a human do to succeed? Pursue or lead an adventure to Greater ideas and succession? How does a human relate? View the world only to perceive The wrong side of relation? Complexity can overstate or Over simplify the reaction. Digging too deep causes confusion While being shallow can create clarity. Any of these […]

Difficulty gauging

In some ways it began as stubborn. She was always beautiful but What an attitude! Electric and forceful I should have known what lie inside. From afar she seems so young. Up close still, but the challenger of Age makes for a hard fight. She Saunters through beauty to live. So slender in both speech […]

Waiting game

It’s a song or a game It hurts you but it pulls you away You can’t stop playing Finding the end becomes the Endless waiting for love It’s a run always trying to Catch your breath Broken in some places Whole in others Still playing Somehow it seems right The direction is solid You can […]