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The Pickle

It was a long night With laughs and flirtation Harmless, developed relations Years in the making Ripe for the taking Cultivation between friends Mental masturbation of Words that play on Poignant conversations Becoming a new meaning Pushing limits and seeming Obvious amongst friends Talks of the past Comedy in the present The future in quotations […]

The Color Blues

I remember blue. Strong and accentuating the natural tones. As mesmerizingly distracting that it was I couldn’t look away. One of those, “I’m paying attention,” But getting deeper into trouble By the minute looks. Trying not to stare openly in conversation Yet admiring every aspect of what I remember as blue. Form and figure laid out […]

A song to hold

May all your loved ones passed and gone Wrap arms around you To dream a song Silently whispered Around the room Catching still the Last flower’s bloom Seeds of the past Planted firmly into soil So crisp and deep That buds may boil Surfacing the ground They peer as if to say The seasons here […]