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The Tail of 2016

I have not written free form in a while, so this is a bit jumpy. On the last day of 2016 I can say: I am not a victim. The only thing victimizing were my own choices. This year was full of difficulty, anxiety, but also so much joy and laughter woven in between. I […]


There will be a day when my hand can caress your face. A time will come when you can hold me openly. The world can spin around us for a change, in an endless embrace of love and passion. I fell for you. Swiftly and truly. My heart screams for your attention. My body aches […]

My Position

You said that it could be our cells reaching out, and I believe you were on to something. I used to wonder why for years. The, “why” was important then. Now however, it doesn’t matter why I’m drawn to you. They may sound like terrible lines on a bad date, but I felt something from […]

A face lost

I can’t stop thinking about his face when I said that I was leaving. It was part stunned and part worried.  That’s how he was. Others first, always.  He was part of a family at work for over 20 years I think.  We only had about three years of acquaintance, but the last one changed […]

A Party

In white we stood around the floor drink in hand, I was taken off guard by a smiling and sweet looking soul I tried to balance the room or at least my drink while spinning It was a long time since last being stunned The outside world blurred back when I noticed, just how beautiful […]


There are days when you wake up and see the world in a changed light. I used to think it was a new light, but as I have grown I realize the difference: light was only created once. It was born before our time when the universe was small and simply run. We, as humans, […]


I stare at them often.  I focus on the simplicity of their lives.  The complexity of thought reduced to survival.  Love is a side effect in their world.  Beauty and wonder exist as curiosity.  We take distractions where they see opportunity.  Their world is about life.  Our world is becoming pacification.  Sense no longer makes […]

Where we belong

I can still hear them scratching around And playing by the door. I can almost hear them laughing still In a language which I adored. So many years I smiled as those Two little friends began, A journey of love and friendship In which I offered them my hand. People say that I chose them […]


I’m a terrible person who has terrible thoughts just like you. We like to blame our lives on everyone else, but it’s our actions that make it rain blood. The world doesn’t wait for good intentions. Instead we respond to every ill created fantasy. Pretending to be saintly visages of all the stories we spin […]