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We absorb everything around us through senses and perception We become cognitive just like breathing Every one of us has stories some of which we tell others that we keep close Still, a few will die with us When they do, and we do The story can never be told Never hated or enjoyed Even […]

The Room

One day when you read this,  I hope that I was right.  That I stayed true to you; Putting my ego aside and living. Truly living a pure path. Making sense of the chaos. When you break down the door, Think of me standing proudly. Watching you learn about life, Becoming masterful in your field. […]


It takes time. Building tension. Becoming yourself; realizing your passion. It takes care. Creating a feeling. Knowing yourself; moving your energy. Imagine stepping to the edge, About to jump into the clouds. That tingle in your foot, The harshness in your breath, Waiting. Building courage. Nothing can stop you. You are ready and Wait! Stop. […]

A Vase Comparison

What’s in a rose? It’s a thought, A gesture, A feeling. The gift is a departure. Complacency wanes. We grow by experiencing love; Pain or monotony wanes. The world moves quickly. It’s too complex now. Focus on simplicity. Love simply. A name is our map. A journey through time, Chasing desires, Holding passion, Removing fears. […]


Finite pieces placed over years. Strengthened by love, damaged by tears. The structure is solid, built by strong hands. Tall places with a view over all internal lands. With time they bend, get stained or even break. Without a new replacement, the tower starts to shake. Weakness on one side needs to be reborn. Pressures […]