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A pattern

I wake early to catch the sunrise, I dream early to wake with you. Leaving here was never simple, Especially now, leaving you. You brought me back a world, A world once again renewed. Lives filled with passion, Passion I can remember. Running on empty but pushing on, Pushing through stories of emptiness. Creating this […]

Just beat it

I could fall for you in a heartbeat, But you have to say it. The words we all trip over that Give us so much And can take it away in a second. Staying or going won’t keep it away, But avoiding it all… Is that our story so far? Laughing so much over a […]

Side note

How do you know when an idea can be real? I already miss the idea of you, which is dangerous. We met months ago, but only found truth together recently. Isn’t that more than an idea? If you stare at a wood floor you can see the spaces. Each one pressing against the next, but […]


I want it to stop. Moments, not journeys are the focus. It’s been my home even before my memories. I’ve never truly left, but now it is time. The universe seems to place beacons, and it is our job to find them. Looking away for a split second, can throw the focus elsewhere, Which makes […]

GPS to a soul

Im drawn to it Passion, emotional feelings You feel a pull towards one another It’s a curse filled blessing Even though I hate saying that. Do you change your life for it? The world will divide Half saying absolutely The other pointing at frivolity Putting me in the middle. You spoke about approval Comically, it […]

34 Percent

I look back now to a time when we didn’t have a device which could post our thoughts with so little charge. It’s almost too easy now yet I still don’t flow enough. Hours of screens but I still hide inside my mind long enough to create, disappear, and imagine. Lo-fi is tonight’s flavor to […]

Always the Hair

Listening to Pearl Jam and the real alternatives thinking of a way to explain it all. He says something interesting, Mr Veddar ”She gave me all that she wore.” I see it as how we perceive each other. A good description of the preliminary visage or the first sight you notice. When meeting someone new […]

The Remnants

I remember a time I would by you a viper Now I wouldn’t find time on the windshield Wiper of the thoughts I used to have. We had a lot in common back then In high school when we were friends We all changed, but I tried to moved on. Finally seeing that you weren’t […]

When a man cries

It’s overwhelming. It’s paralyzing. It’s against everything you were told. You can be anywhere, doing anything With no one left to hold. “You’re better than this.” “You can’t be weak.” Why? Who made these rules? Why do we care? Emotion is natural. Human nature, not gender locked. Women have balance where, A man does not. […]


I want you to fly in life, and I’ve started to realize that I kept you too grounded. You chose to keep your wings clipped, slightly, to be with me. A sacrifice which I helped to create for us both. We began as two hard working kids, even though we were of age. It was […]