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I want it to stop. Moments, not journeys are the focus. It’s been my home even before my memories. I’ve never truly left, but now it is time. The universe seems to place beacons, and it is our job to find them. Looking away for a split second, can throw the focus elsewhere, Which makes […]

34 Percent

I look back now to a time when we didn’t have a device which could post our thoughts with so little charge. It’s almost too easy now yet I still don’t flow enough. Hours of screens but I still hide inside my mind long enough to create, disappear, and imagine. Lo-fi is tonight’s flavor to […]

Take a breath.

We all need to stop. Stimulation is everywhere we are and always on our mind. The world is becoming a cluttered social environment with a career shoved in the middle for those that can afford it. We need to stop and breathe. There was a cheesy movie with Eddie Murphy called ‘Holy Man.’ It was […]